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These grants were intended for PhD students who are osteoarthritis knee in Eastern Europe to complete their research projects, either at their home university or abroad, over a period of 2 years. The following students were successful in gaining one of these grants, and the results and publications are available below.

Bernadett Balla, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary Project Title: Molecular background of fibrous dysplasia and idiopathic femoral head necrosis Publications resulting from research Gene expression patterns in the bone tissue of women with fibrous dysplasia.

Osteoarthritis of the knee: Choosing the right pain medicine

Am J Med Genet A. Gene expression changes in femoral head necrosis of human bone tissue. Calcif Tissue Int ; Clin Chem Lab Med Poster presentations at conferences : The association between biomarkers of bone metabolism and radiographic features in early knee osteoarthritis.

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Kumm, A. Tamm, M. Lintrop, A. II Knee OA progression during 6 years follow-up: the prognostic value of bone and cartilage biomarkers. Tamm, J. Kumm, M. Lintrop, M. Vija, Ü. Hansen, A. Tamm 7.

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IV The predictive role of ultrasonographically detected synovitis in the radiographic progression of early knee osteoarthritis. This website uses osteoarthritis knee to improve user experience. You can change cookie setting at any time.

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